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Simina Oprescu

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Simina Oprescu is a composer, video and mixed-media artist living in Bucharest focusing on sound and composition for the past 3 years. In 2015, she graduated from the Department of Photography and Dynamic Imagery at the National Art University in Bucharest and in the period 2017-2018 she studied at the acousmatic composition department of the Royal Conservatory in Mons, Belgium.

The artist focuses on several concepts, starting with the analysis of how the fixed image and the moving image are mutually reinforcing, being interested in how the depth of the background can be used as a tool for remodelling our perception of the environment and the movement; to the use of sound as a way of expression, with or without an image as a constitutional environment. Using different instruments, ‘sound objects’ and digital programs, into her compositions, the artist uses sound as an experiment and as a deep understanding of the self and the surroundings. She is also interested in the possibilities of integrating sound (and rhythm) into visual environments (internally or externally), and the ability of the sound to radically change the understanding of the image: “In the Beginning was the Sound compared after Image….”

depart.one nominated Simina Oprescu for the SHAPE artist pool 2020.